About us


«Concern for the man himself and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors.»

Albert Einstein

We are convinced that people are at the heart of every project. To consider and engineer your security, our human-sized teams create comprehensive security solutions.

Built around two exclusive partnerships, DDS and OnSSI, and trusted partners, our solutions are designed in a global and scalable way.

Global in order to adapt to all environments. Scalable in order to guarantee their durability and to meet all sorts of specific needs.


One of the world's leading manufacturers and publishers of global security solution.


Leader in comprehensive and intelligent IP video surveillance management software.

From design to maintenance, we accompany you from the study of your needs to the follow-up of the solution deployed. We empower users through certified training sessions so that you can be confident in mastering the endless possibilities of the tools.

With 10 years of experience and innovation, members of Arseg and Synergie, Novadis leverages the skills of its team guaranteeing an optimal result.

Through each step for each project, human and technology are combined to create optimized and thoughtful security. Focus on the very heart of your business, leave the rest to us.

Aggregated total of sq.m protected by Novadis in France


800 000 sq.m


1 200 000 sq.m


1 700 000 sq.m


2 300 000 sq.m

Aggregated number of devices deployed by Novadis in France


+ than 12 000

Controlled doors

+ than 40 000