European and French launch of Amadeus 8 by DDS at Novadis

19 December 2018

It is with great pride that Novadis has agreed to host the European official launch of Amadeus 8 and to welcome European DDS partners in Paris. The latest version of the global security supervision software, will officially release in 2018. With 30 years of experience, the new development team has redesigned from scratch, a powerful access control management tool, allowing the supervision of Alarm and Video Management. A true unified platform offering a single interface for multi-applications, Amadeus 8 is an open platform, intuitive and effective, to make high security accessible to all. Developed according to the latest software technologies perfectly integrated with the Windows environment and its evolutions, Amadeus 8 brings modernity, stability and long-term evolutions.

The official launch in France takes place this month of July. Several customers and selected sites are already equipped for real field returns, so far conclusive. Stay tuned…

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