Novadis visiting DDS

19 December 2018

For their pleasure, Alexis Roumelian (Sales Engineer) and Maxime Legoupil (Product Manager) visited DDS last week, one of the two key partners in the Novadis global solution. With an objective of intensive work, Alexis and Maxime met with the key players in every Department according to a rigorous schedule, allowing the team to make significant progress on major improvements regarding the organization and the upcoming releases, in order to better answer the current and future needs of the French market. From access control to global supervision, DDS is moving ahead with Amadeus 8, expected for an European launch in early 2018.

These intense work sessions, followed up by the visit of Philippe Glaubert (Novadis Chairman), will allow the partnership between DDS and Novadis, which started 30 years ago, to be stronger than ever. Next step, DDS in Paris early 2018.

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